Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cabinets are up...

The cabinets are up and look great (I really like the saw sink, too)!! After putting up a couple of pieces of backsplash, Cherie thought that cabinet lighting under all the cabinets would best showcase the backsplash and granite... time for an internet run for 3 more CounterAttack lights. We also had the granite "templater" in this morning to do the measurements. The granite should be ready late this week or early next (my bet is early next). Also, the sliding glass door should be in this week - so hopefully that will roll in before the grout is put down so the door gap can be grouted with the rest of the floor is.

We were excited to finally have a microwave to cook with again - but this is not a good message to pop up on your brand new microwave when you plug it in...

...so after giving GE customer care a ring (their call center is in the USA - yea!!) we'll be getting a visit from their technician between 1 and 5 tomorrow. BTW, the person who programed the message did a good job with the explaination - but shouldn't they they have asked themselves how a touchscreen "ok" button would work if the touchscreen shorted out? Hmmm.

Given the lack of a microwave, we rolled the oven in.

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