Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling a little stressed...

It's been a hard couple of, well, months. We actually started the planning process and purchases way back in March and the last three days have been an immense drain. The hard part is that I can't take time off from work due to some work projects being in distress and need daily attention - so it's multi-tasking to the Nth degree! And Cherie is also out-of-sorts about the discombobled nature of our current existence. Time for both of us to suck-it-up and drive through the situation! Glad we subcontracted it all out (except for paint) instead of trying to portions of it ourselves. If the day was 32 hrs long, we may have been able to handle some of it ourselves.

Today things are starting to pull together. The electric runs are in, drywall is up, and the spot patches are on. Glad I was here today to make sure a 2x4 cross support was put into the kneewall to support the support arm for the banjo granite overhang! Also, some electrical runs needed significant input to make sure everything fits to spec.

Looks like tomorrow consists of a second layer of drywall mud and laying the ditra and tile.

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