Thursday, July 15, 2010

Half a floor is better than none...

Ditra is down, half the kitchen floor is in, and the second layer of mud is on the walls. Cherie got a call from the granite fabricator today and found out that the granite templating has been delayed to Tuesday which adds an extra day buffer to get the crown molding in and install the upper cabinets before the lower ones. As it was planned, the bottom cabinets would have been installed first so they could do the granite templating before the the upper cabinets would have been installed. This would be a real pain because you have to reach over and above the lower cabinets in order to install the upper cabinetry when the lower ones are installed - so things actually worked out well with the delay. The floor looks fantastic!!!!

Cherie did a great job of finding a water purifier online today with 2 day delivery so we have it here when we template on Tuesday. The fabricator has to have the exact hole dimentions for the purifier when they cut the granite, so timing was once again is on our side! I ordered the pecan counter top from Texas today and it should be here in about a month. I still have to order the under-cabinet lighting for the beverage bar. I'm looking at counter attack lighting just because it's a cooler light and doesn't need a separate voltage regulator. Hopefully I can order those tonight and get them early next week.

More tomorrow!!

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