Monday, July 12, 2010

Demo Day

Ok, now the bulkhead BS that we were given when they building the house now makes sense. In '94, we lived across the street in the townhouses and I pretty much took a tour every evening of what was done by the work crew. After they framed out the kitchen, some bulkheads appeared just before the cabinets were installed. We didn't know any better, and bought the builder's excuse that the cabinets were not the ceiling height cabinets and we really needed the bulkhead to fill the space. BS... we tore those bad boys down today and they were lazy and used it as a conduit for pipes and wires! Never believe a builder!!!

Anyway, the floor is up and Cherie booked the reservation for the Granite today and are set for a Monday template. I decided to go with ditra instead of a hardy backer board underlayment for the water barrier factor (and Holmes on Homes uses it all the time). Tomorrow our contractors will be doing a bit of drywall, building out the kneewall and fridge area, and some electrical.

Warning to everyone... work at home or take vacation for the demo part of the job... lots of weird stuff shows up when you tear out cabinets, floors, and bulkheads that need your input!

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  1. Man that brings back memories! I will have to do a blog on my kitchen remod. I'm following you. Please follow both of my blogs too.